Palm Springs Breeze Block House Brooch - WHITE

Palm Springs Breeze Block House Brooch - WHITE

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Inspired by my love of Mid-Century architecture I have created the My Dream Home brooch series around my dream home.  

The next in my Dream Home series is a Palm Springs inspired house based on the popular breeze block style. 

Made from two layers of pearlescent white and gold acrylics that have been laser etched to give the look of breeze blocks and with frosted acrylic for the windows to give the impression of glass.

There are a couple of 'garden options' choose from out of flowering cacti, flamingo, or large succulents.

 Size: 8cm x 4cm (aprox.) 6mm thick

Attachment Style: 2 x Locking Brooch Pin (silver)

Please note this item is made-to-order, item will be shipped upon completion. Please allow up to 10 working days for your order to be made, you will receive a notification email once your order is completed & ready to be shipped, thank you.


*Please note each brooch is made from laser cut acrylic with hand painted details and hand assembled by me.  Due to the nature of my hand made designs and acrylics used there may be slight variations between each piece, sometimes there are slight dark marks in corners from the laser burn or slight glue residue, but I always endeavour to sand and remove these wherever possible.  The designs have been created with individual pieces layered and inlaid, the gaps as pictured are part of the design and are normal.  Please take these points into consideration before making your decision to purchase as I do not accept returns due to any of the above mentioned points.